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Architectural Tiles – Conservation and Restoration 2nd Edition Architectural Tiles – Conservation and Restoration 2nd Edition
Durbin, Routledge (2014) ISBN 978-0-415-84058-3.

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Victorian and Twentieth century Tile Schemes

Eighteenth Century Tile Work

Relocation and Restoration of Dorothy Annan Panels, Glazed Expressions
Issue No. 73, Tiles and Architectural Ceramics Society.

 ‘Terracotta: Past, Present and Future’

a digital, online conference

Organised by the Tiles & Architectural Ceramics Society, this conference aims to provide a historical context for the use of terracotta and faïence in architectural structures and the latest information on the restoration and refurbishment of buildings bearing these materials. It will also, importantly, promote the use of terracotta and faïence in contemporary new-build projects. Leading practitioners in the field of architectural conservation, manufacture of terracotta and faïence, and designers of new-build construction featuring these materials will be among the panel of speakers. The conference will include a tour of some of the important buildings in central Manchester as well as a visit to a major manufacturer of both conservation and new-build architectural terracotta and faïence.

Outline Programme

  Part One:  To be launched at end July 2021

‘PAST’: Terracotta and faience, its history and uses.
Presentations covering the history of architectural terracotta and faïence, the range of terracotta buildings, manufacturers, and process from design to build. This will be followed by an introduction to conservation: causes of degradation, then questions and discussion.

‘PRESENT’: Conservation
Conservation continued: cleaning of terracotta and faience; conservation practice; case study of a conservation project

Part Two: to be launched Autumn  2021

‘FUTURE’: Manufacture, architectural design, and new-build terracotta projects
Overview of the current use of terracotta in new buildings and where this is made; an architect’s view of using terracotta in new buildings; further views and discussion of the use in new buildings

 A filmed visit to Darwen Terracotta and Faience
The Darwen Terracotta factory where handcrafted, traditional methods are combined with modern kiln-firing technology.

A filmed walking tour of terracotta buildings in central Manchester complete with map.  

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Terracotta:  Past Present and Future –   Terracotta, Common Causes of Degradation

a lecture by Lesley Durbin, Emeritus Icon.

Terracotta: Past Present and Future

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